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Coastline Antenna Installations proprietor Ross Hassum

Ross Hassum of Coastline Antenna Installations

Digital TV antenna installers providing commercial & domestic TV antenna repair and maintenance

  • Coastline Antenna Installations fix TV reception problems including pixelation, loss of picture and intermittent signal dropout
  • We are TV Antenna installation experts as well as CATV and MATV specialists and we service many Gold Coast multi-storey (hi-rise) buildings as well as domestic houses, duplexes, townhouses, flats and and units
  • We install extra digital TV antenna outlets
  • We setup and tune your digital TV to get the best reception possible
  • We install and setup set top boxes and will install a so-called digital TV antenna for you
Lance Hassum of Coastline Antenna installations

Lance Hassum of Coastline Antenna Installations

  • We install CATV & MATV systems for high rise and multi unit dwellings
  • We are always competitively priced
  • We are a local Gold Coast family operated business since 1964
  • Residential & commercial tv antenna repair & maintenance
  • No antenna job too small or too large

Coastline TV Antenna Installations have been installing television antennas and TV aerials on the Gold Coast for what feels like a million years but it is actually 50 years since the business kicked off in 1964.

Founder Cec Hassum has handed over the reigns of Coastline Antenna Installations to his sons Ross and Lance while keeping his other son Scott close by as Scott's Men's hairdressing salon is out the front of the Coastline Antenna shop on the Gold Coast Highway at Mermaid Beach.
That doesn't mean Cec has given up the ghost though as he and wife June are still providing despatch and occasional trade advice to the boys - well they were boys in the 80's!

Old analogue TV antenna installed in the 1980's showing a diplexor

Photo above shows old analogue TV antenna before a digital upgrade which required replacing and rewiring the RG6 coaxial cabling to the TV outlet.

The typical Gold Coast TV antenna system installed during the 1980s required two antennas (VHF & UHF) which had to be mixed through a diplexer (the rusty box shown in photo above)
This was in order to receive certain channels from the VHF band from Brisbane and certain channels from the (then) new Mt Tamborine transmitter (UHF).

The Hassums collectively know all there is to know about TV antenna installation, repair and servicing on the Gold Coast. Over the years they have dealt with just about all of the local TV reception problems that could possibly occur.
Coastline TV's customers will testify that it is their unmatched skills and experience with local TV reception problems which are most valuable.
They can help you get the best TV reception possible for your location. They regularly fix TV reception problems like pixelation and picture dropout.

Ross and Lance Hassum are fully abreast of the current retune/restack TV changes and what is required to get you a better TV reception see our page regarding the Gold Coast retune event which will occur later in 2014.

Please check the Australian Govt 'Stay tuned for the Retune' website for more information regarding the date of the retune for your Gold Coast suburb.

Coastline Antenna Installations can also make sure your TV antenna is of a type that is suitable for receiving the digital TV signal.

One thing you can be sure of is friendly service and the best advice and also the lowest prices possible!

Please phone 5575 1211 to make an enquiry or book a TV & antenna technician.

Click for more information regarding the digital retune event on the Gold Coast in late 2014

  Author: Ross Hassum